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All classifications will be included by default.
When limiting by date range, the lower bound of the "from" date and the upper bound of the "to" date are used.
For example, searching with From: 2012-02 and To: 2013 will search for papers submitted from 2012-02-01 to 2013-12-31.

You may filter on either submission date or announcement date. Note that announcement date supports only year and month granularity.



  • Use ? to replace a single character or * to replace any number of characters.
  • Can be used in any field, but not in the first character position. See Journal References tips for exceptions.


  • TeX expressions can be searched, enclosed in single $ characters.


  • Enclose phrases in double quotes for exact matches in title, abstract, and comments.


  • Sorting by announcement date will use the year and month the original version (v1) of the paper was announced.
  • Sorting by submission date will use the year, month and day the latest version of the paper was submitted.

Journal References:

  • If a journal reference search contains a wildcard, matches will be made using wildcard matching as expected. For example, math* will match math, maths, mathematics.
  • If a journal reference search does not contain a wildcard, only exact phrases entered will be matched. For example, math would match math or math and science but not maths or mathematics.
  • All journal reference searches that do not contain a wildcard are literal searches: a search for Physica A will match all papers with journal references containing Physica A, but a search for Physica A, 245 (1997) 181 will only return the paper with journal reference Physica A, 245 (1997) 181.