Vin Diesel Tattoos are adored and discussed a lot as he has appeared in a several movies with different tattoos.  Is there any permanent tattoo on his body or they all have been made as temporary tattoos just for the movies?

Vin Diesel is famous American actor, producer, director and writer. He was born in 1967 with a real name Mark Sinclair Vincent and raised up by his mother – psychiatrist-astrologer and his stepfather who was working as theatre manager and acting instructor. The way to Vin Diesel’s actor’s career starts when he is 7 years old: he and his friends broke into the theatre to vandalize it, but the artistic director of the theatre who caught them, in the place of calling police offered them to participate in „Dinosaur Door” – children’s play.  So Vin  Diesel got attached to the theatre, studied creative writing, went to Hollywood to become an actor, but his way to recognition wasn’t easy  – he worked hard and achieved what he wanted becoming  filmmaker and actor.

Vin Diesel Tattoos History

Checking pictures of Vin Diesel tattoos taken at different times we can actually notice that his body art has changed a lot without leaving any prints, what means that these tattoos have been temporary not permanent.  Starring at the movie xXx in the role of Xander Cage, the body of Vin Diesel got covered with different tattoos – from simple Tribal Tattoos to character presenting and personally significant ones.

Meanings Behind Vin Diesel Tattoos     vin diesel tattoos

The triple X in the back of his neck, two guns crossed forming another X on his back were important for his role in the movie, his arms got covered by tribal tattoos including clouds, flames, bull, some words and a star with an eye. For filming this movie Vin Diesel got also one tattoo with very personal meaning:  he has revealed that he is a keen „Dungeous & Dragons” player for several years and hegot his game name „Melkor” tattooed on his stomach. Vin Diesel tattoos from this movie have been placed among top movie body art ever, although not all of them really has a meaning, but are more for drawing the character.

For the movie Babylon A.D. Vin Diesel got Egyptian style tattoos which are usually related to occultism. For example on his back was a huge symbolic combination of Scarab – strong symbol of immortality in Egyptian mythology and eagle – the symbol of courage and spiritual power.

Vin Diesel tattoos are not countable – they are temporary and changing accordingly to each movie he is playing, some of them have very deep historical and symbolic meanings, but others are just tribal decorations.

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