Victoria Beckham tattoos are as elegant and classy as herself. It is hard to imagine that there is a person in this world who does not know her – singer Posh Spice from „Spice Girls”, fashionista and world-class football player’s David Beckham’s wife.

Victoria Caroline Adams was born in 1974 in England, Hertfordshire in a wealthy family. Firstly, she took some dance classes, she was interested in arts and got her fame becoming a part of „Spice Girls” – the band which was already formed for fame and success. None of these girls in a band made it, but they all applied for „The Stage” magazine’s announcement – looking for girls who can sing and dance. Of course, „Spice Girls” became a part of music history as their concerts were sold out internationally and it helped all five „Spice Girls” singers to start their careers as solo singers. Victoria’s marriage with David Beckham never let her to get out of spotlights and Victoria seems to be enjoying it, always appearing everywhere elegant and perfect.

Victoria Beckham Tattoos History

First of her tattoo designs were 5 stars on her lower back standing for her family – herself, her husband and their 3 children. There are also initials „DB” on her left wrist for her husband and below these letters is written „Together forever, eternally” in Hebrew script to mark 10 years in marriage with David.

Meanings Behind Victoria Beckham TattoosVictoria Beckham Tattoos

On Victoria’s right wrist are inked some Roman numerals for 8th of May, 1997. With this tattoo and her own explanation for it Victoria has let the whole world to know when she and David Beckham had sex for the first time. It is worth to mention that David too has several tattoos related to Victoria.

One more tattoo is starting from Victoria’s neck and going down on her back – that’s a phrase in Hebrew script meaning „I’m my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” which is taken from the Song of Songs. Victoria Beckham tattoos are clear and classy just like her style, but it seems that all her tattoos have been inspired by her love to David Beckham.

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