Tyson Beckford is a famous model so there is no wonder that Tyson Beckford tattoos have a lot of attention being shown in different fashion shows and on pages of different magazines. On such a sculpted body as Tyson has, tattoos, of course, look good.

Tyson Craig Beckford was born in 1970, in New York and has been raised up living in New York, Rochester and Jamaica. He has Jamaican, Chinese and Panamian heritage what is often marked as his main secret of handsome appearance. During his high school years, Tyson has also played in track and football teams. Tyson has been named in different lists of sexiest and hottest people, has played in several movies, supported campaign against domestic violence and is one of the top male supermodels, who has got the most of his fame as Ralph Lauren fashion model.

Tyson Beckford Tattoos History

Tyson has full arm sleeve tattoos, which were made starting from some tattoos and supplemented, until making his arms fully covered. Many of Tyson Beckford tattoos are different Chinese characters – Dragon Tattoos on his arms and characters meaning different names – that could be closely related to his heritage. There is also his own name “Tyson” inked on his left arm and of course, this is one of Tyson Beckford tattoos which has been criticized the most pointing out that getting your own name inked on your body is a great sign of egoism and being full of yourself.

Symbolism Behind Tyson Beckford TattoosTyson Beckford Tattoos

Tyson has also a son from his previous relationship and his name “Jordan” is tattooed on the left side of Tyson’s neck, but on the right side of his neck are some Chinese letters.

On Tyson’s back there is a huge Latin cross with words “Lord of Lords” inked inside of it. “Lord of Lords” is also a title that is used for Jesus. Accordingly to his own words, Tyson is religious person and one of his most famous quotes says “I thank God every day.”
No matter what critics say, Tyson Beckford tattoos are and will be admired because of his body, where these tattoos have got a place.

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