He has been on screens more than 30 years, but Sylvester Stallone tattoos got known just lately. Why? Because he got his first tattoo being 61 years old!

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone was born in 1946, in New York City. As Stallone says, he wasn’t a very happy child: in an accident during his birth his facial nerve was damaged making some parts of his face paralyzed. He was sickly child with two brothers and his parents were always arguing until they got divorced in 1957 and Sylvester stayed with his father.

The lack of attention made lead him to behaviour problems, he was dreaming to be a hero and started to work out lifting weights, but after high school graduation he received an athletic scholarship for college, got interested in the theatre and decided to study drama. He did different jobs parallel playing some small roles in different movies, playing even at a soft-core porn film and turned also to script writing. Stallone got his fame after starring at „Rocky” and it seems for thousands of people worldwide he will always be Rocky Balboa or John Rambo – his most famous roles.

Sylvester Stallone Tattoos History

At the age of 61 for his 10th wedding anniversary with his 3rd wife former model Jennifer Flavin the actor made the first tattoo in the collection of Sylvester Stallone tattoos. Many celebrities are removing their tattoo designs being scared to look bizarre when their bodies won’t look so fit anymore, but Stallone didn’t care about it. He has given his wife all what he could and what she wanted, so on their wedding anniversary he decided his wife to be with him always and forever – on his right biceps.

Meanings Behind Sylvester Stallone TattoosSylvester Stallone Tattoos

This is a colourful portrait of Jennifer surrounded by 3 roses standing for their 3 daughters – Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet (they all have the middle name Rose). Later this tattoo got extended adding to it a tiger – a symbol of power, passion and strength with different backgrounds in different cultures popular in both – Eastern and Western cultures.

In 2008 the next tattoo already joined on the body of Stallone on his left arm designed by tattoo artist Mario Barth. You can see there a horse, skull and green woman’s eyes – all in saturated colours. Later both his arm tattoos has also been connected together on his back.

Who knows will the collection of Sylvester Stallone tattoos be completed, but his first tattoo really has been made giving to it personal meaning and importance.

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