Those who are keen on Aerosmith have been expressing their interest not only on the band’s music, but also on Steven Tyler tattoos. Steven is very charismatic band leader.

Steven Victor Tallarico with the stage name Steven Tyler was born in 1948, in Yonkers, New York. He has Russian, Italian and Cherokee Indian heritage, what seems to be the key of his natural charm. Being a child Steven actually dreamed about becoming a forest ranger, not musician and he has done different works during teenage years to earn some money, for example, working at a bakery. In 60s Steven made a band called „Aerosmith” together with his friends without even dreaming of such a great success the band achieved.

Steven Tyler Tattoos History

Many media have discussed his appearance and rumoured about his plastic surgery, but no so many have tried to explain Steven Tyler tattoos.  He doesn’t have many tattoos for a rock musician – actually, just two but pretty interesting ones on his both arms.
The song ‘Mama Kin’ was written by Steven  and its’ title got a place on Steven’s left arm in a little shorter version as „Ma’ Kin” with a notation key under it and  a heart  – everything surrounded by flames. The explanation of this tattoo is pretty simple: the song „Mama kin” appeared on Aerosmith debut album and Steven had great confidence in the song and its’ success.

Meanings Behind Steven Tyler TattoosSteven Tyler Tattoos

On Steven’s right arm there is a tattoo of a huge eye with a tear. On one hand it looks kind of like a child has painted it, but on the other hand it’s a pretty artsy tattoo. The tradition to paint eyes on one’s body comes from ancient cultures letting others to know that there is another eye which is always watching – so there is no chance to attack or to escape from a person wearing this tattoo, although Steven Tyler hasn’t explained this tattoo to his audience.

There are not so many Steven Tyler tattoos as it would be expected from a rock musician, but his daughter – Mia Tyler is really keen on body art covering her body with different tattoos.

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