Sean Penn tattoos we know from movies, where he has starred, but his permanent tattoos with personal significance are not so well known.
Sean Justin Penn was born in 1960, in Santa Monica, California. Nowadays he is considered one of the most talented, progressive and controversial actors in Hollywood.  His parents are director Leo Peen and actress Eileen Ryan, so is seems logical that Sean has gone in this direction because that’s what he saw every day since childhood. His appearances on the big screen are marked by movies „Taps” in 1981 and „Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in 1982. Young actor had many offers and in his 30’s Sean got awarded by positive critics as mature and talented 1st class actor.

Sean Penn Tattoos HistorySean Penn Tattoos

The number of  movies  with Sean’s appearance is really great and includes such titles as „Carlito’s Way”, „Dead Man Walking”, „The Game”, „The Thin Red Line, „Sweet and Lowdown”, „I am Sam”, „Mystic River” and others. He has also tried being on the other side of camera directing „The Indian Runner” in 1991 and „The Crossing Guard” in 1995.

Many of these tattoos, we have seen on Sean Penn’s body, have been made to complete characters he has played in movies, for example, in „Mystic River” Sean had black Celtic-style Christian cross on his upper back and another Celtic tattoos were on his right biceps.

Meanings Behind Sean Penn Tattoos

These have been temporary tattoos, but he has also some permanent personal tattoos. As Sean tells in one of his interviews – he has around 5 tattoos located on his arms and back, for example on his left arm there is a Japanese kanji with double meaning sanding for ‘Sword’ and also ‘Power’.

There is not much of information available about his tattoos, but to get to know temporary Sean Penn tattoos there is no better way than watching his movies.

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