You have probably heard of Russell Brand tattoos related to Katy Perry – yes, he has some. Moreover, no doubt it is pretty interesting to get to know what kind tattoo designs a comedian has.

Russell Edward Brand was born in 1975, in Essex, England, where he was raised by his mother.  He was not into acting since childhood and debuted on stage at the age of 15 – at his school musical. British comedian Russell has studied acting in London and Italy, but not so easy has been his career in show business. Firstly, studying at Drama Center London, Russell fell into heroin addiction and got expelled from this school, but in 2004 Russell appeared with his first solo show „Better Now” talking about his heroin addiction. After this show, his career has been going up. Although he has been fired from several shows because of specific sense of humor and not being afraid of provocations – that is probably a big minus in personal life, but at the same time – the best what he has on the stage and his strongest weapon to win admiration.

Russell Brand Tattoos HistoryRussell Brand Tattoos

Two of Russell Brand tattoos are related to Katy Perry. Russell Brand has identical tattoos with his ex-wife singer Katy – that is the same Sanskrit script inside of right arm for both of them.  Another tattoo is what Russell made together with Katy in 2011 (each of them got different tattoos, but just did it together at the same tattoo artist): after Katy’s concert in L.A. when rumor about their relationship problems were spreading around, they got to the tattoo artist together like proving that everything is OK with them. At that time Russell got inked a badge of West Ham United – his favorite soccer team – on his left upper arm.

Meanings Behind Russell Brand Tattoos

Another Sanskrit script tattoo Russell has got, is on his left upper arm and it says „go with the flow”. Above this phrase is a tattoo of a big eye, there is also a word „Ecstasy” (we can guess is it related to narcotics with the same name or not) on his right hip. Among other Russell Brand tattoos there have also been several temporary tattoos he made for filming, for example, for romantic comedy „Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

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