Rihanna tattoos have been made in different places of the world – several small tattoos are covering her body adding a special value to the places she has got tattoos and tattoo artists who have inked them.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Barbados on an island in 1988. She won several beauty competitions and where talented singer. The producer from New York – Evan Rodgers visited Barbados on his vacation and got to know talented girl, he arranged for Rihanna meeting with Def Jam Records CEO Jay-Z and was sure Rihanna will be successful. The model and singer Rihanna signed a contract with Def Jam Records being just 16 years old.

Rihanna has more than dozen tattoo designs. The most well known of all Rihanna tattoos are probably stars on the back of her neck and upper back. The line of stars hasn’t been made all at once – the tattoo was started in L.A. and finished in New York City. Rihanna doesn’t really share the meaning of this tattoo; she has just told that she loves tattoo culture, visiting tattoo shops and she feels like addicted to it.

Some of Rihanna tattoos:

a little star in her ear, her zodiac sign – Pisces behind the right ear, there is a small music note on her right ankle, but on the back of her left foot is a small skull with pink bow, on her left hand middle finger there is a word „Love” and on her right hand index finger is „Shhh…” as a very original and quiet way to ask for silence from others. In fact, this „Shhh…” tattoo has spread around the world very fast after Rihanna got it.

Meanings Behind Rihanna Tattoos

rihanna tattoos

On the Rihanna’s left shoulder are Roman numerals XI IV LXXXVI meaning 4.11.1986 – that’s the date of birth of her best friend and assistant Melissa. On her Ribcage there is a phrase in Arabic meaning “Freedom is God”, on her  right hip are inked 4 words in Sanskrit meaning „Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control” but near her right shoulder in the mirror writing is inked „Never failure, always a lesson” – that’s her motto. But a small gun tattoo  on her right side under arm for Rihanna means strength and power.

One of the latest Rihanna tattoos is „Rebelle fleur” written on her neck. That’s in French and experts say that it actually should be written as „fleur rebelle” if the singer wanted it to be „rebellious flower”, but Rihanna explains that she wanted it exactly this way – meaning rebel flower not „rebellious flower”. That’s who Rihanna is – rebel flower – and Rihanna tattoos have already got a lot of followers.

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