Pamela Anderson tattoos are for sure among the most well-known tattoos worldwide: she is sex-symbol, actress, glamour model and PETA activist who is not afraid to get undressed for different goals or just to enjoy the attention. The most popular of her tattoos is barbwire on her left arm, but she has some more.

Pamela’s way to the fame wasn’t already opened since her childhood like it has been for other celebrities. She was born in 1967 in Canada and her parents were standing far from flashlights and stages – her mother was a waitress, but her father – furnace repair man. Her way to the fame and recognition was almost accidental – she was wearing Labatt T-shirt at a football game, got filmed and received her first contracts in commercials, then came posing for Playboy and television series „Baywatch” made her famous world-wide.

Popularity Of Pamela Anderson Tattoos

Pamela Anderson tattoos mostly are related with prisoners and years spent without freedom, it points also to Christianity as a crown of thorns Jesus Christ had to wear before crucifying. Barbwire is a symbol of a fence which cannot be crossed easily so some people has added to it the meaning of secrecy and as a way to show that they are not opened to everyone. What stands behind the barbwire tattoo Pamela has on her left arm is connected to her PETA activities! She is a defender of animal rights and the barbwire for her symbolizes range fencing around cattle stockyards.

Meanings Behind Pamela Anderson Tattoospamela anderson tattoos

On the back of Pamela Anderson there is a simple elegant tribal tattoo. Tribal tattoos historically have been different combinations of lines and curves symbolizing the social status, adherence or being created for healing or attracting the necessary powers. Nowadays the meaning of these tattoos is nothing more than just a form of art to decorate one’s body.

There is one more significant sign among Pamela Anderson tattoos, which has been connected to the passionate love and some scandals in her life. Pamela was dating drummer Tommy Lee just for 4 days before they got married and in place of traditional wedding rings they exchanged tattoos: Pamela got „Tommy” on her ring finger, but Tommy Lee chose to get a tattoo of her name on his penis. This love wasn’t forever and after they got divorced Pamela changed her tattoo „Tommy” to „Mommy”.

Whatever has happened Pamela Anderson tattoos are pretty simple and elegant, however she has expressed the wish to remove them because of aging and willing to keep her body aesthetic.

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