Hip-hop singer, producer and businessman P Diddy tattoos are telling about him different stories – his business, his religious views and others. Although P Diddy does not have many tattoos, we can read some things about him from his tattoos.

P Diddy – Sean John Combs, was born in Harlem, in 1970. His father was killed when P Diddy was just a 2 years old. P Diddy was attending Howard University studying business administration, but actually doing his own little businesses more than studying: he was selling exam answers, promoting parties, and also working for airport shuttle service. He got an internship at Uptown Records, where he soon became a talent director, but leaving this place P Diddy established his own business – Bad Boy Entertainment.

P Diddy Tattoos HistoryP Diddy Tattoos

He proved himself as talented entrepreneur and also producer. Bad Boy Entertainment, established in 1993, developed to a Bad Boy Worldwide including many sub-groups and brands from record label to restaurants. P Diddy tattoos represents some part of his life, as his tattoo Bad Boy is symbolism of his business.In 1997, the world got to know him as Puff Daddy – new rapper, who released his own songs and started his own performer’s career. Next to singer’s career, P Diddy has proved himself with numerous other businesses:  his own clothing line, advertising company, reality show, restaurant chain and others.

Meanings Behind P Diddy Tattoos

On P Diddy’s right arm, we can read ‘Bad Boy’ – of course, that is related to his business and probably the inner feeling about himself, but on the right side of P Diddy’s neck we can see Muhammad Ali.  On the right arm, there is a tattoo of crucifix and in spite of the richest rapper alive P Diddy being called the Devil, on his neck is inked ‘Gods Child’ – as he says, Christ is playing a big role in his life.

There aren’t more well known P Diddy tattoos than these mentioned before, but everything can change fast, as we know  – rich people can get tattoos and remover them any moment, but many of those who have started covering their bodies with tattoos, have a desire to get more.

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