He is considered to be one of the hottest and sexiest men on the planet, so no wonder that Orlando Bloom tattoos have got so much of attention.
Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom was born in 1977, in Canterbury, England.  Orlando’s father was political activist fighting in South Africa for civil rights, but died when Orlando was just 4 years old, so he grew up with his mother and sister and a part of family became a family friend Colin Stone. For a big surprise, when Orlando was a teenager he got to know that Colin Stone, not Harry Bloom, is his biological father.

As a child, Orlando was fighting with dyslexia, but he was interested in visual arts and became a part of local theatre in Canterbury. He was also studying poetry and winning several poetry reciting competitions, but when Orlando turned 16 he started his way into professional art of acting – he moved to London, became a part of National Youth theatre and started serious drama studies. Now we know him as a star of movies „Lord of the Rings”, „Troy”, „Kingdom of Heaven”, „Elizabethtown” and more.

Orlando Bloom Tattoos History

Looking for pictures of Orlando Bloom tattoos on the internet, you can find his body decorated with different pieces of body art – he is a movie star, so no wonder he often gets temporary tattoos for starring in movies, but he also has two permanent tattoos: one of them on his wrist, another – on his lower abdomen.The tattoo on Orlando right wrist says „Nine” and is connected to filming „Lord of the Rings.”

Meanings Behind Orlando Bloom TattoosOrlando Bloom Tattoos

Working on this movie wasn’t easy and the team spent around 1,5 years in New Zealand for doing it. During this time the team went through different difficulties including broken ribs etc, but the result was for sure worth it. The nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring decided all to get this a tattoo and remain with it for the rest of life. The movie calligrapher made this design and it is written in Tengwar script.

Another permanent tattoo he has is also the first one Orlando got: a little Sun is inked on the left side of his lower abdomen. He got it at the age of 15. Orlando has not given his own explanation for it, but as we know, Sun has always been a symbol of light, power and warmth. All other Orlando Bloom tattoos you have seen on him in movies and pictures have been temporarily made for his roles in movies.

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