The reason why we know so less about Naomi Campbell tattoos is that the one she has as a permanent tattoo is so small that we cannot really notice it, but her permanent tattoos have been just decorative rather than carrying some deep significance to the model.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was born in London, England in 1970. Since childhood, she had that girly dream of becoming a dancer, like her mother, and model. Naomi has studied both – ballet and performing arts, what next to her exotic look of Jamaican-Chinese heritage and natural beauty for sure has been useful in her model’s career.

Being just 11 years old, she also was playing in the movie “Quest for Fire” and the next movie came just a year after her first one. Her model’s career actually stared at the age of 15 in a shop, where model agent saw her and gave her business card. Naomi at home passed the card to her mother and being just 15 years old the girl got official contract with modelling agency.

Naomi Campbell Tattoos HistoryNaomi Campbell Tattoos

Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi are just first famous names she got to work with soon becoming the first black woman  on the covers of British and French „Vogue”, “Yves St. Laurent” and „Times” magazines. Soon came also shooting naked for „Playboy” and participation in music videos, movies and other forms of entertainment industry.

Supermodel’s Naomi Campbell tattoos would probably be bothering her model’s career, so she actually has just one permanent tattoo one of her arms – honestly, it is so small that not even visible, but the rumours are that these are two letters inked F and B. What this „FB” means – only Naomi knows.

Meanings Behind Naomi Campbell Tattoos

Instead of covering her body with permanent tattoo designs, Naomi Campbell from times to times are appearing with some temporary tattoos and mehendi – tattoo art of India, widely used for paintings on hands and feet with no side effects. Mehendi paintings on skin stay just for a couple of weeks before they are vanishing out with no prints at all – that’s just perfect for model like Naomi, who has experimented with temporary flower paintings and bracelets around her ankle and biceps.  Of course, there might be more of temporary Naomi Campbell tattoos if not significant for herself, than probably made for photo or video shootings.

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