Among all Mike Tyson tattoos the most famous for sure is his facial tattoo – it’s not just because it’s on so visible place, but also because there have been scandals related to it and people copying his tattoo on their own faces.

Boxer who has been named even as the best in the world, Mike Tyson, known also as Iron Mike, was born as Michael Gerard Tyson in 1966 in Brooklyn. His father left the family when Mike was just 2 years old, his sister died at the age of 25, but Mike’s mother left the world when he was just 16 years old.  As Mike has later admitted, he never really knew his mother and she was never satisfied with him.

16 years old Mike’s legal guardian became boxing trainer and manager Cus D’Amato. Mike’s childhood was spent in high-crime districts   where he often got into fights, got arrested and when he got into the Tryon School for Boys where a former boxer Bobby Stewart noticed Mike’s boxing talent. He got great trainers and his own experience and aggression inside him made him to be unbeatable boxer everyone would be scared to stand against. He also became the youngest boxer who has ever won IBF, WBA and WBC.

Story About Mike Tyson Tattoos

Make huge tattoos on one’s face is rare, that’s why the facial tattoo around Mike’s left eye is the most famous of all Mike Tyson tattoos. That’s a typical tribal tattoo on his face – a graphical decoration. Probably Mike has given to it some specific meaning – it could be related to dynamics and power because of its fire-like forms, you can also see there two spiral patterns related to the graphical picture of ferns. It really looks like successful tribal Maori-style tattoo made to fit organically on his face.

Meanings Behind Mike Tyson TattoosMike Tyson Tattoos

With some of his tattoos he has also displayed other historical fighters on his own body – a huge portrait of the revolutionary leader Che Guevarra is on the left side of his body, but on his right arm there is a portrait of revolutionary Chinese leader Mao Thse-Tung, but on his other arm there is a portrait of tennis player Artur Ashe. There is also a portrait of his 2nd wife – actress Monica Turner on his left inner arm.

With all these Mike Tyson tattoos, his body looks kind of like a portrait gallery, but Mike for sure is not the one who is going to care about what others think as long as he is confident on his own stories and motivation standing behind each of these tattoos.

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