Marilyn Manson tattoos are clear representation of his gothic- satanic personality. His body is covered with numerous faces of mythical creatures and different symbols.
Marilyn Manson was born as Brian Hugh Warner, in 1969 in Canton, Ohio. His childhood has some dark part – his neighbour several time molested him, but he kept quiet about it. Brian attended religious Episcopalian school studying Christianity. In place of becoming devoted Christian, he developed hate to Christianity and asked his parents to let him to learn in another school.

After Brian finished the high school, the family moved to Fort Lauderdale, where he started to study drama and journalism. Brian also started to write literature – poems and stories, but his work mostly was not accepted for publications. He started to work for a local magazine as entertainment journalist, interviewed famous musicians, went to rock clubs and decided to form his own band “Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids”.

Marilyn Manson Tattoos HistoryMarilyn Manson Tattoos

Asked where the name ‘Marilyn Manson’ comes, he answers that it was formed putting together Hollywood sex symbol’s Marilyn Monre name and famous psycho killer’s Carles Manson name. Marilyn’s first 3 albums were produced by Trent Reznor. Scandals and controversial song themes, anti-Christian and satanic messages brought to him world fame. He has also acted in several movies like „Party Monster”, „Jawbreaker” and others.

There is no resource to get complete information about all Marilyn Manson tattoos and when someone has so many of them, media just stop following these changes when any new tattoos are added. One of his tattoos is a spiral heart on his left wrist which has also been included in the album ‘Eat Me, Drink Me’ artwork.

Meanings Behind Marilyn Manson Tattoos

On his right upper arm we can see a green skull, on Marilyn’s  left arm is a skull head butterfly, on the right wrist  (outer part) he has „WOW” – it also the title of one of his songs, on the inner part of his right wrist is written „etc”, number 15 is inked behind his ear, but a Cross Tattoos can be found inside the left upper arm. Some of his tattoos looks pretty gothic and devilish and that’s sure he know what he is putting on his body as he has always been interested in semiotics, religion and mysticism. Some resources are also pointing out that Manson has so many tattoos because he has been a self-harmer since early teen age, so tattoos might be also his try to cover scars.

There are many more Marilyn Manson tattoos, not just those ones mentioned above: inverted pentagram, hermaphrodite deity with a head of a goat, Cyclop’s head, red devil tattoo and others.

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