Ladybug Tattoos – All About Ladybug tattoos

The charming appeal of ladybug tattoos draws on rich symbolism and colorful traditions. The tattoo design, more so the creature it depicts, is hailed by many cultures to have different representations. In England and France, it symbolizes fair weather. In Sweden, it symbolizes a quest for finding real love. Asian countries uphold the ladybug to be a sacred creature. All these attest to the fact that there is a lot more to ladybug tattoos than what meets the eye.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, ladybugs were dubbed as “The Beetles of Our Lady”. As farmers used ladybugs to safeguard their crops against pests, they regarded these creatures to be blessings from the Virgin Mary herself. As it turns out, a ladybug tattoos also has a religious ring to it, after all.

Meanings Of Ladybug Tattoos                          Ladybug Tattoos

But the meaning that’s mostly associated with ladybug tattoos is good luck and fortune. There are various superstitions that revolve around ladybugs. Aged folklore tells us that if a pregnant woman comes across a ladybug, the number of children she’ll have matches the number of spots on the insect’s back. If a ladybug settles on the hand of the sick, that person will be cured in no time. Basically, these tiny creatures serve as harbingers of hope— should you catch one, you better make a wish because it will soon become a reality.

Ladybug Tattoos – Different Designs Of Ladybug  Tattoos

The pleasant promise they bring makes ladybug tattoos popular across various cultures and ages. The design ranges from a small, traditional image placed on the ankle or on the wrist, to a big, contemporary icon branded on the shoulder or on the back. While the black and red spots of ladybugs look fresh on the skin, you’re free to mix-and-match your color choices.

Ladybug tattoos may also bear other design elements, such as an inscription or a name. To take tis  traditional meaning of luck further, you can incorporate horseshoes or four-leaf clovers in the Ladybug Tattoos.