Although it seems that all his life is and always has been just basketball, Kobe Bryant tattoos are inspired and related to love and personal feelings not related to basketball.

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1978 in the family of basketball player Joe Bryant and his wife Pam. That  seemed to be logical that Kobe should became basketball player, because when Kobe and his two older sisters grew up, their family life was much depending on father’s career, which required them to travel a lot, and caring family mother Pam was always there next t o her husband to support him in his career.

Kobe grew up with basketball every day and already at the age of three Kobe was telling everyone that he is going to become NBA player. Kobe had good school learning from his father, he was watching almost all his father’s games. While living in Italy he was also encouraged to turn football because his body and quickness would make him great goalkeeper, but Kobe knew he needs basketball.

Kobe Bryant Tattoos HistoryKobe Bryant Tattoos

Moreover, of course, he really became NBA star as he told it to everyone already being a child. Kobe Bryan came into the history of NBA as the youngest player ever to play in NBA All-Star game, in 1998.Kobe Bryant tattoos are related to love to his wife, religion and his family. The most visible is the tattoo on his biceps where is a crown, his wife’s name Vanessa with abstract Vanessa portrait – showing her hair.

Kobe Bryant Tattoos Meanings

Kobe is fan of angel tattoos. On the same hand, we can also see two angel wings and inked „Psalm XVII” – Psalm 17 is a prayer to God to judge honestly and see that he is not guilty as people are talking about him. This tattoo has also been related to scandal where news that Kobe is cheating his wife was spreading around together with some other sexual assault rumors.Among Kobe Bryant tattoos there are also names of his daughters: names Natalia and Gianna have got a place on their father’s hands.

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