Knot Tattoos – History Of Knot Tattoos

In the realm of body art, Knot tattoos stand as one of the most popular designs. Though Knot tattoos origins date back to the ancient cultures of the Celts, you can actually brand yourself with this tattoo, regardless of your decent. After all, who can’t resist a design that’s as notorious and as beautiful as Celtic knot tattoos?

The Celtic knot tattoos made their debut way back in circa 450 AD. As the Celts don’t keep a written record of their traditions, the meaning behind these knots is not really known. The significance associated with these tattoos today is only based on inferences; thus, you actually get a lot of room for personal interpretation when you opt for this design.

Meaning Behind Knot Tattoos                           Knot Tattoos

A popular meaning accorded to Celtic knot tattoos is one with mystical undertones. As the knot is designed with no beginning or end, it’s taken by most people as an emblem of the cycle of life, pertaining not only to our physical self but reaching to the depths of otherworldly realms as well.

In the past, gift giving featured a touch of the Celtic knots. If you received a gift that’s adorned with Celtic knots, this acts a mystical charm that wishes a long, happy, and peaceful life ahead, devoid of illnesses and misfortunes. Such associations with luck enthrall tattoo enthusiasts to avail of this design, even if they’re not of Celtic descent.

Many Different Designs Of Knot Tattoos

A well-known variation to these Celtic Knot tattoos is the Triquetra or the Celtic trinity knot. The three corners of this knot can take on various meanings. For Christians, this can signify the Triune God with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. For pagans, it points to the three powers of the feminine: the maiden, the Crone, and the Mother. For New Age thinkers, this can simply mean the unity among mind, body, and soul.

However you want your Celtic Knot tattoos to be, you are sure to exude the mysticism and charm as you go.

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