When you are looking for Kate Moss tattoos, you can actually find there 5 tattoos – that is many for a model! However, you have to know where to look because these are pretty small pieces of body art.

Katherine Ann Moss was born in London, England, in 1974. She started working as a model at the age of 14, when in the JFK airport after returning from family holiday she got noticed by Sarah Doukas from the Storm Agency in New York. A young model with very thin, even boyish body and very low weight, what looked like she is fighting with eating disorders, appeared on the British magazine’s cover and got famous fast. Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Chanel – that was just a beginning of her career. In 2005 the model won Fashion Icon award and in spite of her scandalous personal life, problems with drugs and alcohol, what made her to lose several important contracts, her career kept growing.

Kate Moss Tattoos HistoryKate Moss Tattoos

Kate has five small tattoos on her body. On the left hand Kate has a really smart heart tattoos. Probably, that was made for her ex-boyfriend singer Pete Doherty, who also has a heart tattoo with the letter ‘K’ inked inside of it for Kate placed on his left shoulder.
On her ankle, you can see a small star tattoo. Star tattoos have different meanings: from hope and fulfilling desires, to being a symbol of fame and shining, what many celebrities are choosing to get on their bodies. Another tattoo related to such qualities as fame, power and royalty on Kate’s body is crown on her left shoulder.

Meanings Behind Kate Moss Tattoos

On Kate’s lower back, there is a tattoo of a two swallows. This is considered as strong talisman bringing fortune and happiness; it can be related also to love and harmony in a family.

A small retro style anchor tattoo can be found of model’s right wrist. Anchor is one of the most popular tattoos among seafarers – to show their relation with the sea. It has also been widely used as a symbol of Christianity because of its resemblance to a Christian cross, it can symbolise stability and settling down, and holding to one’s principles as well.  The simple anchor tattoo is the most popular of Kate Moss tattoos – it is inked on such a visible place that you can see it in many of her photographs.

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