The story of Justin Bieber tattoos is probably just on the beginning – he is a really young boy, but already has got several tattoos.

The pop-singer Justin Bieber was born in 1994 in Canada and was raised by a single mother. The boy had a talent in singing and after at the age of 12 Justin participated at a local talent competition, his mother filmed the performance and uploaded it on YouTube followed by other videos with her son singing. These videos got noticed by Scooter Braun and he became his manager.

Canadian born young singer has moved to Atlanta becoming phenomenon: teenagers worldwide adore his songs and voice and he is the first solo singer in the history with 4 singles entering the Top 40 before his debut album.

Story Behind Justin Bieber Tattoos        Justin Bieber Tattoos

While Justin Bieber was raised up by his mother, he kept in contact with his father who is keen on tattoo designs and it looks like his father is the greatest inspiration for Justin Bieber tattoos. The first tattoo he got at the age of 16 was a small bird on his left hip – that’s a seagull from the fable by Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” telling about the bird that was different from other birds in the crowd, learning to fly not just for catching food, but for mastering his skills to reach higher goals. The tattoo of this seagull is like a tradition and many men of Bieber family have got the same tattoo.

Meanings Of Justin Bieber Tattoos

Another tattoo Justin and his father has is the word ‘Yeshua’ in Hebrew (that means ‘Jesus’) on his ribcage.  They both got it on Justin’s tour in Israel. The young singer is Christian, but his manager and also a good friend who brought him recognition is Jewish and there is a rumor that before Justin’s performances Hebrew prayers are inspiring him.  The newest Justin Bieber tattoo design is a classical portrait of Jesus tattoos inked on his left leg. Justin claims to be confident Christian like his mother, but it’s pretty clear that for getting also this tattoo he has been inspired by his father.

And the tattoo number 4 on Justin’s body is a star on his elbow. Justin hasn’t gave any explanation of it, but it probably has connection to being a pop-star, achieving what seems unachievable and shining in the sky of fame. Justin is still very young and the question ‘Will the collection of Justin Bieber tattoos be completed?” will get the answer by time.

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