Rock music and tattoos are going hand in hand – Jon Bon Jovi tattoos for sure are classics among other rock musician tattoos.

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. was born in 1962, in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, but after 4 years his family moved to Sayreville where he grew up. Jon Bon Jovi has American and Italian heritage: his father John Bongiovi was a hairdresser from Italy, but mother – Carol Sharkey was working as a florist, was one of former Playboy bunnies. His mother was the one who encouraged him to turn to music buying him his first guitar when he was just 7 years old – he really grew up willing to become a rock start and later his mother became the president of the official Bon Jovi fan club.

Jon Bon Jovi Tattoos History

Now we know more than dozen of his rock albums made together with his band Bon Jovi and as a solo artist. We have also seen him in several movies, he has won different awards and he has millions of fans worldwide not just copying Jon Bon Jovi tattoos, but also getting his portrait inked on their bodies. Jon Bon Jovi actually is modest with tattoos as comparing to what could be expected from a rock star. He has just 3 tattoos: two of his tattoos has got places oh his both biceps and one on his left ankle.

Meanings Behind Jon Bon Jovi TattoosJon Bon Jovi Tattoos

The triangle with the letter „S” in the middle – the Superman’s sign already long time is also Jon Bon Jovi sign: this Superman’s symbol is placed on his left upper arm and he has been posing accenting exactly this tattoo for many photographers and magazines. What is the meaning behind this one of Jon Bon Jovi tattoos for people nowadays is easy understandable – just watch the movie, TV series, check cartoons about Superman and think of the name ‘Superman’ itself – the meaning is clear.

On the right upper arm the singer has steer’s skull. The skull of a steer or bull is actually connected with American Indian and South-western cultures, where it is used a symbol of guardianship and strength. Others usually are using the picture of alive steer with flesh and blood not just its skull. In addition, the 3rd tattoo is placed on Jon Bon Jovi left ankle – that is a small dragon around his ankle – one more of Jon Bon Jovi tattoos which he has not really tried to explain for his audience.

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