Looking at Johnny Depp tattoos and trying to find their meanings is like reading a book about him. The actor says: „I consider tattoos my diary” and he has more than dozen of his special diary entries.

Born as John Christopher Depp in 1963 in Kentucky and raised up in Florida, Johnny Depp has been very rebellious person. Being 15 years old he abandoned school to become a rock star and founded several garage bands. He got married to Lori Anne Allison and his visit to California together with his wife turned out to be life changing: Johnny Depp met Nicholas Cage who strongly advised him to turn to movie industry and in 1984 Johnny debuted on screens. The most famous movies with Johnny Depp are „Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”,  „Once Upon a Time in Mexico”,  „Corpse Bride”, „ Pirates of the Caribbean” and others.

Johnny Depp Tattoos History

johnny depp tattoos

The first of Johnny Depp tattoos was inked on his right biceps when he was a teenager – he got a Native American tattoos head as a sign of his ancestors and Indian heritage. On his body we can read signs of several important people in his life.

On his left upper arm there is a red heart with the name „Betty Sue” inside – that’s the name of his mother, when Johnny’s girlfriend was Winona Rider, he got a tattoo with her name too, saying „Winona Forever” on his right arm, but this relationship wasn’t long-lasting, so after their break-up the tattoo got changed to „Wino Forever”.

Two more names are his daughter’s name „Lily-Rose” close to his heart and the name of his son Jack under the flying bird on his forearm.  The picture of this flying bird was actually Captain’s Jack Sparrow signature in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, but Johnny has made a little change to it making the bird to fly not away but toward him.

Meanings Behind Johnny Depp Tattoos

On his right leg Johnny has a skull with crossbones accompanied by words „Death is certain” – that’s connected to his youth and friends he was playing together in his bands, he even wrote a song called „Death is certain”. Other words inked on his body are „Silence, exile, cunning” from the book „A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” by James Joyce, you can also see a little number 3 inked on his left hand close to the thumb – as Johnny has said about it – 3 is a very special number for him and also creative number.

These are some of Johnny Depp tattoos reviewed here, but he has some more and following his own words about tattoo designs being diary entries, there is no doubt there will be more meaningful tattoos on his body.


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