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Jesus tattoos add a refreshing kick to a seemingly devious way of self expression. Seen as a blasphemer by his own race, Jesus really didn’t conform to the structures of first century Jerusalem, after all. His words, actions, and company proved to have rebellious undertones to the strict practices of his time. But then again Jesus is the Son of God, and his devious ways are only a sign of his transcendent nature.

Jesus Tattoos – Meanings And Symbolism Behind Jesus Tattoos

Jesus tattoos stand for various meanings today. As He moved to change the understanding of people towards love and compassion, a Jesus tattoo can symbolize one’s pursuit for going against the usual conditions. Jesus tattoos can also represent correction, a feat boldly demonstrated by Jesus whenever he came across people who delighted in doing wrong.

Perhaps the most obvious meaning associated with Jesus tattoos is Christianity or the expression of one’s faith. The design may depict him as a supernatural being with a halo, as a man who won over sin by dying on the cross, or as a humble servant-King wearing a crown of thorns. These meaning-laden designs may come in the full regalia of colors or in the simplicity of black-and-white outlines. The moving persona of Jesus can mean salvation, faith, or forgiveness— thoughts that greatly appeal to the devout and spiritual.

Are a Jesus Tattoos Best Choice For You?

Jesus tattoos are not only sought after by the religious—anyone can don Japanese tattoos to commemorate their hope for better things to come. Jesus himself was condemned to suffer but He triumphed in resurrection.  He was a mere servant who emerged as the savior to all humankind. It is this universal appeal that wins the heart of many to go for a Jesus tattoo. After all, no other historical figure can beat the life and sacrifices of Jesus Christ.

If you want a tattoo that says it all, the collection of Jesus tattoos can be your best option. The appeal of the Jesus tattoos, much like the man it depicts, is beyond what we can fathom.

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