Looking for Jessica Biel tattoos?  The actress of „A-Team”, „7th Heaven”„Summer Catch”, „Total Recall”, „The Illusionist”, „Playing The Field”, Hollywood star, model with gorgeous body Jessica Biel actually has just one small tattoo – enough to complete her natural beauty not disturbing it.

Jessica Claire Biel was born in 1982, in Ely, Minnesota and grew up in Colorado. American actress with French, English and German heritage, who studied acting, first appeared on TV for Pringles commercial being 11 years old. Being a child Jessica was developing her singing talents and played at a musical theatre including roles in musicals like „The Sounds of Music” and „Annie”, but debuted on big screen being 14 years old in „Ulee’s Gold”.

Jessica Biel Tattoos Secret

Jessica Biel’s only tattoo has got a place on her right hip and she is often choosing clothes which are revealing and accenting this tattoo. That is a simple, small dove – like the one we know from the Holy Bible. The actress hasn’t given her personal explanation to getting this tattoo, but there is a well know explanation for it and it undoubtedly looks like a dove from the Holy Bible.

Meanings Behind Jessica Biel Tattoosjessica biel tattoos

The story is about floods and Noah’s ark. After 40 days of floods and heavy rain Noah sent out a bird to see is there any ground or just water around. The first bird came back to the ark as a sight that there is just water around and a bird could not find any place to land. Then he sent out a dove, which soon returned bringing a green olive branch as a sign that floods have ended, so this dove is a symbol of hope.  It also is a strong Christian symbol signifying Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, but in other traditions dove is related also to souls that get free after death.

Will there be Jessica Biel tattoos completed by something else, only the time will show, but it looks like she is not the one who will get all her body covered with tattoos because of her love to body art.

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