Jessica Alba tattoos are considered to be one of the sexiest tattoos in Hollywood. She doesn’t have many of them, but her tattoos are small and seem to be inked exactly at the right places of her body.

Jessica Marie Alba was born in 1981, in Pomona, California. Her mother has French and Danish heritage, but father – Mexican. Soon after Jessica was born, family moved to Mississippi, then back to California, Del Rio, Texas and again to California when Jessica was 9 years old girl with a dream of becoming an actress. She didn’t have very good health – being a child she had asthma, later Jessica got also some kidney infection and had problems with anorexia. 12 years old Jessica took her first drama classes and very soon she got noticed because of her talent, and in 1993 she debuted in movie industry in the movie “Camp Nowhere” by Hollywood Pictures. These movies and TV serious followed very soon: “Flipper”, “Venus Rising”, “Brooklyn South”, “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “Never Been Kissed”, “Idle Hands”, “Paranoid” and other movies.

Popular Jessica Alba Tattoos

The most famous of Jessica Alba tattoos is definitely the one on her lower back – that’s a cute, a little but childish but still elegant ribbon bow tattoo. She haven’t been telling that it has some special meaning, but it for sure looks teasing and sexy being exactly at the right place to attract attention to her butt.

On her neck there was a tattoo of a ladybird (or butterfly) and a daisy, but Jessica has removed it. In fact, this tattoo really wasn’t a high quality work to wear on actress’s neck and Jessica also hasn’t been speaking about its meaning. If it had any significance when Jessica got this tattoo than it’s obviously that she has got over it now.

Meanings Behind Jessica Alba Tattoos Jessica Alba Tattoos

The third is located on Jessica’s right wrist – it’s a word “Padme” meaning “lotus flower” in Sanskrit. In all Eastern religions and traditions lotus flower has symbolic meaning of being able to bloom coming from mud, it’s related to spiritual growth. Jessica Alba has admitted that she is not a part of any organized religion, but has her own religious views. This tattoo is also a sigh what is inked not only on Jessica’s body but also other members of her family: the first who did it was her mother, later her aunt and when Jessica and her cousin became 18 years old, they also decided to get this tattoo.

Jessica Alba tattoos are pretty simple, not with many colours or in very artistic manner, but with these tattoos she clearly shows her sense of style and elegance in simplicity.

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