Japanese Tattoos – The Story About Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos reveal much more than their sheer beauty—they hold a piece of the tale of Japan’s rich history. Due to the spread of Confucianism and Buddhism in the Japanese culture, tattoos were placed in a bad light. For the Japanese, a person who inks his skin is a member of the mafia. It is for this reason that the wonder of tattoo art is only commonly patronized as a sign of masculinity by the members of the lower classes.

Japanese tattoos date back to ancient times when it was considered as a sign of the traditions of a suspended world. Prostitutes used these art forms to add to their beauty and thus win them more customers. Other members of society who donned these rather baleful take on art were the laborers and firemen. Later on, tattooing was placed in an even graver light when it was used to mark criminals.

Japanese Tattoos – Beginnings Of Japanese Tattoos Japanese Tattoos

It was only in 1827 when Japanese tattoos slowly emerged as popular icons, thanks to the ukiyo-e artist Kuniyoshi Utagawa. In his work, he launched the original 6 symbols of the 108 Heroes of the Suikoden, a band of honorable bandits. The novel and its equally appealing illustrations won the hearts of many people, and this created a wave of Suikoden craze among the common people of Japan. The Suikoden symbols were later sought after as body tattoos, depicting the heroes clad in vibrant and highly-ornate patterns. This catapulted Japanese tattoos to popularity among the poorer peoples of Japanese society.

Popularity Of Japanese Tattoos

After the war, tattooing was still a dominant taboo in Japanese culture. While the Japs strayed clear from these art forms, their tattoo artists were getting a fresh breed of customers—those of foreigners that have come to Japan’s harbors. This way, Japanese tattoos have been greatly known in the Western world while it remained hushed in its homeland. Today, only a few natives dare to brand Japanese tattoos on their skin. It’s usually the youth who fall prey to this venture, but they only limit Japanese tattoos indulgence in less-seen parts of the body.

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