Italian Tattoos – What Do They Represent?

Italian tattoos make a dashing tattoo design for Italians and non-Italians alike. While most people use this tattoo to show their heritage, others simply see them as fitting symbols of how they were charmed by Italian culture.

A common way for Italian tattoos to depict pride is by showcasing the country’s national flag. While it makes a bold front when designed in its conventional form, others want to inject some creativity into the emblem by incorporating the green, white, and red colors in the shape of Italy, a heart, or a crest. Mixing other design elements—such as religious symbols, military insignia, or quotes written in Italian—also pumps up the whole look of the Italian tattoos.

Italian Tattoos – Symbolism Of Italian Tattoos                Italian Tattoos

For those dazzled by the beauty of Italian culture, Italian tattoos usually features the country’s landmarks or folklore. You may want to picture scenic Italy, using rolling green hills and some of the flora like a tall cypress, margherita gigante, or jasmine. The ramo fiorito, or the flourishing branch, also makes a beautiful symbol, with its slender branch adorned with pink, purple, or white blossoms. This delicate Italian Tattoos is usually placed across the shoulders or at the side of the leg. On the other hand, you may want to showcase some of Italy’s landmarks, with the likes of the Roman Forums and the Santa Maria Del Fiore Duomo immortalized in your skin. Of course, a gondola peacefully traversing the canals of Venice leaves a lasting impression on any Italian vacation, so you may impress your Italian tattoos with this icon as well.

Combine Your Italian Tattoos With Architectural Ideas

Italy is also known for their exquisite knack of art which translate well into a Italian  tattoo. While it’s usual to use paintings, you can incorporate architectural works in your Italian tattoos. For instance, the San Vitale mosaics look great when strewn across large areas of the body. You may also go for the ornate scroll pieces of Italian buildings. These make a unique border for your favorite quote, translated in Italian, of course.
Italian tattoos, like the country, carry a beauty and elegance that can leave anyone in awe and admiration.

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