Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos – All About Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are perhaps among the most sought after tattoo designs to date. This doesn’t really come as a surprise because when treated separately, Hawaiian tribal tattoos are equally popular in the realm of body art. There is just something irresistible about these tattoos, more so when they are fused in one design.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos – Beginnings Of Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

Through the years, tribal tattoos have always carried a meaning far richer than what meets the eye. These are regarded as symbols of family, skill, or rank in the community. For the Celts, tribal tattoos that are imprinted along the muscle ridges of the body mark the power of a warrior. While these tattoos are often done in silhouettes of black or blue hues, Hawaiian designs are more commonly depicted as larger, louder, and more vibrant images.

Far from markers of a community, Hawaiian tribal tattoos held a more personal significance. A popular design is the Orchid, known for its elaborate petals and vibrant leaves. This tattoo signifies rare beauty, and it is as popular to men as it is to women. Another design deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture is the lizard, an emblem for fear and respect. This tattoo’s size and placement on the body hint on the wearer’s rank.  Other designs include the dolphin tattoos which represent joy and the arrow and the sea turtle tattoos which symbolize fertility.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos – Why Are They So Popular?                        Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos

People who go for a Hawaiian tribal tattoos often choose to have it on the leg, arm, torso, back, or face. For women prefer, these tattoos look dashing when placed on the tongue, hands, or wrists. However you want to sport your Hawaiian tribal tattoo, you can be sure that it conveys a meaning that is well worth represented by a stylish and quirky design. The universal appeal of Hawaiian tribal tattoos truly doesn’t keep them solely for the locals.

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