Gun Tattoos – Story Behind Gun Tattoos

It is a common notion for gun tattoos to be associated with strength and toughness. Why, this deadly weapon has long been used for protection and security, after all. Men are the usual enthusiasts of gun tattoos, but women also brandish this design on their body to mark their unwavering and straight-out personality.

There are many interesting designs for gun tattoos. The weapon may be depicted by itself or as a pair placed on either side of the hips as they would in a holster. Some tattoos illustrate guns in action. These include fire fuming from the barrel or a bullet being thrust from the barrel. Common body parts to have these tattoos are the shoulder blade and the lower tummy.

Gun Tattoos – Meanings Behind Gun Tattoos

Gun tattoos can take on a variety of meanings, depending on the wearer. You may want to incorporate a small, delicate flower sprouting from the sleek barrel. Such design can symbolize peace, the transience of life, or the factuality of death.

For an edgier appeal, you may want to have a gun tattoo that features antique breeds of handguns, shotguns, and machine guns.  A famous model is the 1800s long-barreled Colt revolver, which you can further design with scrolls, gems, and wood patterns.

Gun Tattoos – Popularity Of Gun Tattoos                                               Gun Tattoos

Though not as popular, gun tattoos may also depict people. Naturally, these include hunters or gangsters. To add a fresh twist to your tattoo, you could also feature a posh Victorian woman polishing her pearl-encrusted pistol. A voluptuous pinup model holding her gun against her vibrant crimson lips also makes an interesting choice.

It’s only natural to perceive a wearer of a gun tattoo as someone determined and sharp. However, these fine tattoos can also stand for duality, sensuality, and potency. You’re saying a whole lot about yourself by branding a gun tattoo on your skin.

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