Greek Tattoos – History Of Greek Tattoos

Apart from their transparent beauty, Greek tattoos echo the rich stories of the art and culture of the Greek civilization. We owe much to this race after all, as modern governmental institutions and art forms can all be traced back to Greek beginnings.

The design options for Greek tattoos are endless. For a clear-cut choice, you may brandish a tattoo of the Greek flag. This appeals to Greek patriots and even those who have no direct relations to the race whatsoever. You may also go for a tattoo of the Greek Cross which has four arms that are equally long. The Greek Key, launched into the mainstream by Gianni Versace, is yet another fitting design option.

Greek Tattoos – Different Designs Of Greek Tattoos

Perhaps the most common design for Greek tattoos is the depiction of the gods and goddesses of Olympia. Each deity bears idiosyncrasies that you can very well associate with your own. If you happen to be the life of the party, a tattoo of Dionysus, the god of wine and merriment, can fit you. If you’re more of the reflective and musical type, go for Apollo, the god of truth and music. A tattoo of the goddess Aphrodite can suit your knack for love and beauty. If you’re a globe-trotter, then a tattoo of Hermes exactly suits your personality.

Most Greek tattoos depicting the deities include symbols that reflect their trait. A grape vine is associated with Dionysus; an axe echoes Hephaestus; winged boots point to Hermes.
These icons are attractive in themselves.

Greek Tattoos – Can You Resist A Greek Tattoos?                                   Greek Tattoos

If you’re not into the mythologies, you can pursue a simple tattoo design that still carries a lot of meat—inscriptions of Greek letters. The most popular for this Greek tattoos are the Alpha and Omega symbols, often brandished separately on each of the shoulder blades. If you want to immortalize a name of your loved one on your skin, you might as well use Greek characters for a unique and cool polish.

There is much wonder and glory underlying the Greek culture. Naturally, Greek tattoos make wonderful choices for body art.

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