Gothic Tattoos – Story Behind Gothic Tattoos

Beauty and intrigue take a tangible form with gothic tattoos. Though anything gothic may strike others as dark and eerie, these are actually just enlightened representations about life’s truths such as death and beauty. When translated into artful designs, these mystical and fantasy symbols make a dashing supplement to anyone’s tattoo fix.

Gothic Tattoos – Symbolism Of Gothic Tattoos

Gothic tattoos frequently feature symbols of alternative religions. These include the Gothic iron cross which is known for its beveled outlines. You may also feature a cross patterned from spider webs, vines, roses, or skulls. Other tattoos depict a gray cross with flattened edges and a ringed upper half, much like those seen in tombstones. Other design elements include flowers, skulls, and spirals motifs.

Another popular Gothic tattoos  uses the Pentagram. One featured upside down is often perceived as the sign of the Devil, but one placed right side up simply represents the four elements encircled to be bound together as one. A dark outline of this design suffices for a good tattoo, but you may also go for red, blue, or purple hues with other design elements.

Gothic Tattoos – Can They Make You Look Better?                                     Gothic Tattoos

Winged creatures, most commonly bats, are also given much weight in gothic tattoos. These bats are either illustrated simple as they are or as burly, unfamiliar creatures. These tattoos can be placed on the shoulder, where the bat is depicted to be coaxing blood from the neck; or on the upper back, with the bat’s wings widely spread out. Another notable winged creature is the fairy, usually done in black and red hues. Among the most sought-after fairy icon is the downcast girl, with her wings tattered and a tear in her eye as she sits on the ground.

Gothic tattoos hold an undeniable beauty that seems to intrigue a lot of people. Their breathtaking patterns are matched well with worldly symbolisms. Surely, immortalizing a gothic tattoo on your skin puts forward the boldness of your character.

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