Gemini Tattoos – All About Gemini Tattoos

Gemini tattoos truly make a fitting emblem for the colorful personalities of the people born under the sign of the Gemini— with birth dates May 22 to June 23. If you’re not a Gemini yourself, you can celebrate a certain Gemini loved one by brandishing this tattoo on your skin.

Gemini tattoos often depict the Greek twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Before you delve into this tattoo completely, you ought to exhaust all research on the available design options first. It is said that knowing more about your zodiac sign leads to a deeper understanding of yourself. Your Gemini tattoo can remind you of who you are and of what place you hold in this world.

Gemini Tattoos – Meanings And Symbolism Of Gemini Tattoos

There are many ways to express your astrological sign. For one, you can go for the Gemini constellation. If you want a floral design, you can choose from Gemini’s flowers like marigold, orchid, or rose. A subtler to express your sign is by using the number 5 or the gemstone agate, both of which are exclusive to Geminis.

Another approach to Gemini tattoos involve images that are based on the Gemini’s traits. Those under this sign are known to be dynamic, compliant, indecisive, and unpredictable. For a more clear-cut approach, you can inscribe the word Gemini on your skin and just add other design elements like the sun, moon, and roses to your tattoo. You can also combine your Gemini symbol with your Chinese astrological sign—perhaps this is the clearest that you can get in expressing your character.

Gemini Tattoos – Can They Make You Look Better?                              Gemini Tattoos

Of course, Gemini tattoos can be borne on any body part that you like. For people who want to be more discreet, they choose to have their tattoo on their foot or wrist. For a bolder expression, others place it on their shoulder or their calf. The common hues for Gemini tattoos are silver, gray, yellow, orange, and green—these colors are again reflective of the Gemini.

If you want a sleek-looking tattoo that expresses your character, you can never go wrong with Gemini tattoos.

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