Geisha Tattoos – Story Behind Geisha Tattoos

Geisha tattoos are exquisite choices for body art. These women, after all, effortlessly exude an air of beauty and mystery. They are known for their porcelain white makeup that remains devoid of emotions, their balanced black hair fully adorned with tinkling bells, their delicate bodies elegantly clothed in the finest silk kimonos, and their little waists bound by a thick obi. These geishas tread in the most exquisite thong sandals and have in their graceful hand a beautiful fan. The Japanese uphold them as living works of art; the Westerners are simply left in wonder and amazement.

Geisha Tattoos – History Of Geisha Tattoos

Geisha tattoos frequently feature a traditional geisha or maiko, her apprentice. They are depicted in portrait style. The kimono and the shimada hairstyle are given the most intricate details.

Though the traditional geisha image is breathtaking, the most popular geisha tattoos are those tweaked to mimic a pin up model. In this version, the geisha appears with voluptuous curves, thick red lips, and vibrant accessories. Geisha tattoos like these feature the geisha with her back turned, her eyes smoldering and looking back at you with one of her kimono sleeves draped low to expose her bare shoulder.

Geisha Tattoos – Meaning And Symbolism Of Geisha Tattoos

Geisha Tattoos

An equally appealing design is a wood block geisha tattoo, which features a towering image of a geisha. Such approach puts the geisha in a more natural setting—perhaps caught dancing gracefully, lost in the melody of a shamisan, or captured fanning herself demurely in midday. To give an edge to you’re your wood block design, you can feature her rising from the deep seas with her robes as the serene waves; or her porcelain white face and sapphire kimono blending with the fogs of a snowy mountain, leaving only her dark hair, expressive eyes, and crimson pout in focus.

There really is no conventional meaning to these geisha tattoos. Most often than not, people choose to have this tattoo as a symbol of their pursuit for elegance and artistry. There really is nothing better than packing decades of a culture’s finest artistry into these geisha tattoos.

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