Geek Tattoos – Story behind Geek Tattoos

Geek tattoos are surprisingly becoming more and more popular nowadays. It varies in content, design and style. From video games to mathematical equations, geek tattoos are making its mark especially to those people who want to stand out from the crowd of certified nerds and geeks.

Geeks are often misinterpreted as highly intelligent individuals who choose to isolate themselves from the rest of the society. But not all geeks or nerds are considered to be clever academically. Some geeks express their vast knowledge on other subjects such as video games, math and sciences. Other people are fond of certain characters pr pop culture items and commonly expressed with creative geek tattoos of different kinds.

Geek Tattoos – Popularity Of Geek Tattoos

Many individuals are video game fanatics and may express their great amusement with numerous video game characters such as Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons. There are hundreds or thousands of video game characters to choose from and one can select their favorite video game character to express their extreme fondness. Others choose their much loved character that they are able to identify themselves with.

Tattoos won’t even get away with everyone’s well loved academic subjects. Many people are now becoming more fascinated with math and science tattoo designs. Aside from its exceptional style, these type of geek tattoos offer more than just real world concepts of everything simple thing around us.  Forearm rulers to horseshoe crab diagrams can be identified as one of the most popular geek tattoo designs among geek and nerd community.  Complex equations may also be a subject for geek tattoos which are more personalized and custom made. These tattoos are often preferred by professionals to express their love for their chosen field and career. Certain mathematical equations or scientific theories have a lot more than just intelligent significance but personal meaning for its bearer.

Geek Tattoos – Different Designs Behind Geek Tattoos                          Geek Tattoos

Another form of geek tattoos may be manifested with pop culture tattoos. It comes in variety of characters and symbols according to one’s favorite movie, celebrity or television shows.  Star Wars tattoos are exceptionally popular and undeniably timeless for people of different generations. Others choose significant characters from the famous television show, the Simpsons, which is highly admired by many television show fanatics.

Geek tattoos may be funny and humorous but still has a profound meaning for many geeks who are bold and confident in expressing their own unique personality and style. Everyone has his own right for self expression and should always be given with utmost respect and understanding.

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