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Gay pride tattoos depicts the evolution of man’s freedom and sovereignty from the conservative civilization that accepts the existence of right and wrong, black or white and male and female gender. Modern society has revolutionized into a more liberal and independent humanity where everything and everyone is open to choose what they want, express what they think and decide their sexual perspective according to what they believe is appropriate for them.

There are variety of gay pride tattoos that advocate the rights and free will of gays, lesbians and transgender communities all over the world. Gay pride tattoos are commonly represented with rainbow tattoos. The rainbow depicts idealistic love and peace and used by various gay and lesbian coalitions and gay freedom movements. Each color represents different elements of life and nature which blends in one common aspiration, harmony. It was first designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978 for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Celebration and since then, it has been used to represent the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered community also known as the “rainbow people”.

Symbolism Behind Gay Pride Tattoos

Lambda is one unique symbol used in many gay pride tattoos. It is represented with a Greek letter “L” which simply means liberation. Greek Spartans believe that lambda signifies unity and ancient Roman civilization consider it as “the light of knowledge shining into the darkness of ignorance.”

Another type of gay pride tattoos come in the form of a pink triangle. Back in the World War II, pink triangles are used to identify prisoners with anti-social behaviors. These include homosexuals, prostitutes and women who refuse to bear children and are subjected to execution by the Nazi regime. In 1970, the pink triangle started to be used in conjunction with the gay liberation movement and conveys the deep conviction of gay communities for freedom and acceptance.

Gay Pride Tattoos – Different Designs Of Gay Pride Tattoos            Gay Pride Tattoos

Labrys is one of the most common gay pride tattoos made especially for lesbians. The Labrys is a double side axe used by Amazons as their main weapon and was soon adopted as a symbol of power and independence for women particularly, lesbians. Gay pride tattoos with interlocking gender symbols of men and women is gaining popularity among the gay community of the 21st century. Gender symbols are used by ancient Roman civilization to symbolize the male and female gender. Interlocking both symbols create different meaning which apparently mean heterosexuality or bisexuality. Aside from this, it conveys a message of deep understanding of the diversity of both men and women in the present society.

Gay pride tattoos are very profound when it comes to meaning and significance. Aside from its unusual representation, it gives people a more significant grasp of choice and free will. Whatever sexual preference anybody might want to take, everyone is entitled to enjoy life and its pleasures. Gay pride tattoos allows many people to remember the importance of equality and justice among humanity.

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