Gargoyle Tattoos – Story Behind Gargoyle Tattoos

Gargoyle tattoos are strange yet interesting tattoo designs that are very popular among many tattoo enthusiasts and admirers. Gargoyles are commonly seen in many architectural design and infrastructure and often come in grotesque and bizarre figures used to ward off evil spirits and protect its inhabitants from harm. In Mythology, gargoyles are called “chimera” and nowadays it is famously known as Griffin or Griffon.

Gargoyle Tattoos – Beginnings Of Gargoyle Tattoos

The word “gargoyle” originated from the French and Latin words for “throat” and “swallow”. Gargoyles are used as unique sculptures created with water gushing out of its open mouth. Back then, it is believed that rainwater transforms into holy water when it passes through the mouth of a gargoyle sculpture. Gargoyles have combined feature of a lion’s head and eagle’s wing which is known to be a symbol of nobility and dignity. Numerous gargoyle sculptures are commonly seen as demonic creatures with horns, tails and talons while some are made with elongated pair of ears which adds to its peculiar feature and character.  In some cultures, gargoyle tattoos are made with a mixture of creatures in the form of cats, boars and ram.

On the contrary, the bizarre looking feature of gargoyles does not make them terrible creatures at all. They are believed to come to life in the night’s darkest hour and watch the entire community against evil spirits. When sunrise comes, gargoyles return to their places and stays until the sun sets off for the next evening. Gargoyles often used in amulets and talismans to fight against unwanted elements.

Gargoyle Tattoos – Different Designs Of Gargoyle Tattoos                   Gargoyle Tattoos

Variety of Gargoyle tattoos are  created by famous tattoo artists that boost many individual’s imagination and creativity. They may be combined with other types of tattoo designs like skulls, and some may even be presented with script writings from ancient quotes or famous poems.

Gargoyle tattoos are very popular especially among the youth of the new generations. Aside from its eccentric style and fashion, gargoyle tattoo designs leave a timeless mark that will carry out its exceptional significance for many years to come. It is said to give protection from any kind of harm or even death itself. Gargoyle tattoos goes beyond the architectural or fashionable aspect of tattoo art and will be always considered as one of the most well loved tattoos designs for all generations to come.

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