Gambling Tattoos – All About Gambling Tattoos

Gambling tattoos are increasingly popular especially to those who love to put their luck and fortune at stake. Gambling can be a very exciting experience for many individuals and winning would definitely change a man’s destiny with just a single blink of an eye. Different feelings arise when gambling and it creates diverse kind of excitement and adrenaline rush for anyone who loves to play the game whether for leisure or winning huge sum of pot money.

Gambling Tattoos – Different Designs of Gambling Tattoos

Gambling tattoos may be represented in various figures and styles. Many individuals believe that gambling tattoos as act as good luck charms and may bring good fortune to one’s favorite kind of game. Card games are one of the most popular table games in many casinos everywhere. Poker and Blackjack card games are just some of the highly sought table card games that many individuals are always betting on. That is probably the reason why most gambling tattoos are represented with deck of cards with different values and combinations. Common gambling tattoo designs include the four playing card suites namely the spade, diamonds, clubs and hearts. They may come in simpler but fashionable styles that are usually placed in discreet areas of the body.

World class poker players have their winning hand tattooed somewhere on their body to remind them of their huge winning pots from tournaments and poker matches. Royalty cards also top the most wanted gambling tattoos because of its exceptional design and character. The king, queen and jack may be characterized in elaborate and eccentric images to create a unique look and personality.

Gambling Tattoos – Symbolism Of Gambling Tattoos              Gambling Tattoos

Dice games are extremely popular among many gamblers. Gamblers often associate dices as a symbol of good luck. Tattoo artists usually create images of paired dices which are more appealing and attractive. Rolling dices may also add to one’s illusion of excitement during dice games and hope for a guaranteed win and big fortune. Other commonly used tattoo designs are good luck symbols such as four leaf clover, horseshoe and the number seven. The number seven is widely known as a lucky number and has been used by many gamblers as a sign of good luck in gambling matches and competitions.

Whether it is beginner’s luck or gambling habit, gambling tattoos will always be part of man’s perception of fortune and wealth. It may convey different meanings for different individuals but still, gambling tattoos are one of a kind tattoo design in the world of body tattoo art and trend.

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