Fish Tattoos – All About Fish Tattoos

Fish tattoos, apart from their fascinating embellishments, carry rich symbolisms that truly make them worthy to be imprinted on one’s skin. If you want to inject a sense of fun and charm into your life, you might as well go with this tattoo design.

Fishes are associated with many cultures and beliefs. The Ichthus stands as a representation for Christianity; the koi fish signifies courage and masculinity. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite transformed into a fish. Vishnu also morphed into this gilled creature in order to deliver King Manu’s boat to safety. The god Ea, a hybrid of a fish and a goat, came to be the symbol of Capricorn.

Fish Tattoos – Different Designs Of Fish Tattoos

In designing your fish tattoo, you may opt to reiterate the Native American belief that views fishes having the ability to seep into the human psyche. When transformed into skin art, you may feature a figure of the head and brain with a fish forcing its way into the deepest fibers of the mind.

When it comes to the fish tattoo design, you may choose from several varieties of fishes—they come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. The most popular choices are the Betta and the Discus fish. The former, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, represents a more aggressive kind. Their rich colors of greens, blues, reds, and turquoise make them highly attractive. As these need to be set apart in their own water tanks, the Betta fish makes a fitting symbol for loners and introverts.

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On the other hand, the Discus fish are plump and take on green, brown, and orange hues. These sea creatures represent a composed yet sensitive person.

Fish tattoos may just end the hunt of tattoo aficionados for their next tattoo venture—why, these fish tattoos carry rich meanings beneath their vivid and colorful designs.

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