Fire And Flame Tattoos – Story Behind Fire And Flame Tattoos

Fire and flame tattoos make a steaming choice for body art. Not only do they come in vibrant and mad hues, they also exude that sense of dynamism. Known to represent transformation, destruction, passion, or rebirth, Fire and Flame Tattoos are perhaps the most flexible when it comes to getting a message across.

The marvelous power of fire to engulf anything in its path makes it an impressive emblem. Torches, beacons, urns, and candles are often pictured with flames, thereby making them symbols of hope, light, and wisdom.

Fire And Flame Tattoos – Meanings And Symbolism

Fire and flame tattoos are associated with rich tales and histories. Burning is common during religious rites, and it was once believed that the smoke coming off from the fire sends the prayers of the worshipers up into the heavens. Moreover, fire stands among the four principal elements, the five Chinese elements, and the five sacred elements of Hinduism.

For Christians, fire is an emblem of the Holy Spirit. God beckoned to Moses in the form of a burning bush. On the other hand, fire is also associated with the devil. Temptation, sin, and Hell are all signified by fire. For the Jews, the Eternal Flame in the First and Second Temples were hailed to never be put off. Lighted candles welcome the holidays and the Sabbath Day; it also remembers the beloved dead.

Fire And Flame Tattoos – Be Proud With Fire And Flame Tattoos     Fire and Flame Tattoos

Fire also holds a spot in Greek mythology, whereby Prometheus is hailed for stealing fire from the gods and handing it to the mortals. The Phoenix is engulfed in flames and reborn from its own ashes. It’s no wonder then why fire and flame tattoos carry hints of transformation, rebirth, and the cycle of life altogether.

Tattoo aficionados often tweak other design elements with flames. Take a heart surrounded by flames, which symbolizes passionate love and devotion. The phoenix can also remind the bearer of overcoming a traumatic experience in the past. If anything, your fire and flame tattoos conveys strength, sensuality and fervor—things that boldly express your unwavering character.

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