Feminine Tattoos – Sexy Sweet Feminine Tattoos

Contrary to popular belief, feminine tattoos appeal not only to women. Why, even the male population has been drawn to the appeal and craft underlying these tattoos.

Feminine tattoos can stand as simple and basic symbols with nothing but flowing lines to adorn them. However, these may also be inked as elaborate pieces in vibrant hues. Their unique attractiveness is coupled by rich meanings such as rebirth, loyalty, love, and power.

Feminine Tattoos – Popularity Among Women And Men

Feminine tattoos often make use of “girly” embellishments such as butterflies, fairies, gentle animals, hearts, and flowers. Such icons can be presented with a tribal flair reminiscent of Celtic themes. However, these tattoos don’t stop with all things girly—any object can actually be spruced up into being more feminine simply by injecting brighter colors or softening its outlines into curves. All in all, these tattoos have that sexy and artistic ring to it that you can well be proud of immortalizing on your skin.

Feminine Tattoos – Meanings Of Sexy Feminine Tattoos                    Feminine Tattoos

These tattoo designs take on various meanings. Take a heart design, for instance. Though it is a common symbol of love, you may mean it as a reminder of a loss of someone dear to you. The rose is another popular icon. Women are naturally drawn to it due to the timeless beauty it possesses. When it comes to feminine tattoos, you may not want to fuss over attaching any meaning to it. The tattoos’ charm and beauty make them exceptional pieces in themselves.

Most people opt to have their tattoos inked at the lower back, ankle, and shoulder. For bolder tattoo aficionados, the thigh, calf, upper arm, and by the bosom are other spots. Before pursuing a tattoo altogether, it’s best if you ponder on the design first. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a charmless tattoo; nor would you want to have it painfully and costly removed. With the flexibility of feminine tattoos, you’re sure to find one that suits your character.

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