Fantasy Tattoos – What Represent Fantasy Tattoos?

With the power to cross over to various ages, sexes, and interests, fantasy tattoos are among the most popular designs in body art. These tattoos feature objects and creatures that appeal to one’s imagination. Among its familiar icons are unicorns, elves, dragons, demons, mermaids, and fairies. If you for one have a fascination for mystical creatures, your best bet is fantasy tattoos.

The usual characters featured in these tattoos are wizards and fairies. These beautiful and ethereal figures are often depicted treading gracefully in trancelike worlds. Illustrations of genies are also a worthy choice. They are represented as strong and mysterious creatures with an impish smile strewn across their lips. Often, they are drawn in midair, crossing their legs and seemingly lost in meditation. Tones of blue, lavender, and green populate the overall design.

Fantasy tattoos – Designs And Styles Of Fantasy Tattoos

Mystique animals are also popular icons for fantasy tattoos. A very familiar character is the Pegasus, bearing heavy details on its wings and usually with flames or rainbows sprawled behind its path. To give it a certain edge, you can have your Pegasus tattoo in flight from one part of your body to another. The unicorn is also a popular element for fantasy tattoos. These attractive creatures are often depicted browsing through a plush, flowery setting.

Fantasy Tattoos – Find Unique Fantasy Tattoos                                               Fantasy Tattoos

Fantasy tattoos are not limited to old world literature. With the rise of movies and video games that draw on the realm of fantasy, tattoos now picture characters from the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Final Fantasy. Other figures which have gained popularity include mystical cartoon characters, aliens, sci-fi heroes, gargoyles, and phoenixes.

Take a breather through life by bearing a fantasy tattoos. They make a fitting emblem of your fascination for worlds that appeal only to the imagination. Of course, it’s always refreshing to come away with the mystique every once in a while.

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