Two paw prints on her chest – these Eve tattoos are like her sign of recognition: Eve aka Eve Jihan Jeffers is famous American female rapper, record producer, songwriter and actress as well.

Eve was born on 1978 in Philadelphia in a family of a chemical plant supervisor and publishing company supervisor. She was interested in singing, sang in choirs and made her girls band in which Eve started rapping. Eve’s first Grammy actually came by collaborating with „The Roots” on the song „You Got Me” – the song got this respectable award, although Eve’s name wasn’t there on the award plaque. Later her song „What Ya Want” got among Top 40 hits on the U.S. Billboard and she became the first female rapper ever getting a place number 1 on Billboard 200 and won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration together with Gwen Stefani on 2002 and now she has even her own clothing line.

Eve Tattoos History

Eve Tattoos

Eve has several tattoos, but the most visible is her dog paws tattoo. The meaning of paw tattoos can differ depending on a person – usually it is a symbol of someone who has left significant foot-prints in one’s life. It also depends on what animal „has left” there paws but usually any animal paw prints tattooed has a meaning  of being close to the nature and wilderness or meaning the power of an animal which paws are inked. Eve points out that her paw tattoo has a connection with The Ruff Ryders where guys are calling themselves dogs and the tattoo was actually made as a dare. These two paws is definitely her trade mark many people have tried to copy on their own bodies.

Meanings Behind Eve Tattoos

Not so well know is Eve’s lower back tattoo: a scorpion and an apple with Chinese symbols meaning „strong female”.  Scorpio is her zodiac sign and, as Eve says, Scorpions are strong, loyal, but also moody, passionate and jealous and these are exactly her qualities. This tattoo she got after her first album considering that this is the exact picture of who she really is.

There are also some flower tattoos among Eve tattoos – one of them to cover her previous tattoo – some Chinese symbol, but she has never been keen on explaining her tattoos to the audience.

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