Ems Firefighter Tattoos – Different Designs Of Ems Firefighter Tattoos

EMS firefighter tattoos make a fitting badge for those who risk their lives in the service of others. Though they can be borne by any individual, ems firefighter  tattoos are most popular among those carrying the badge’s profession.

A common design depicts the Star of Life which is a blue, six-pointed star bearing the rod of Asclepius at its core. The six points echo the six tasks done by rescuers in their line of work: (1) observe and comprehend the scene, (2) secure emergency medical dispatch, (3) cater first aid, (4) offer immediate care, (5) relocate the patient to a hospital, and (6) endow the patient with appropriate attention at the hospital. The Star of Life is also associated with medical equipment and supplies, as well as markings for qualified medical care facilities.

Ems Firefighter Tattoos – Meanings And Symbolism

EMS firefighter tattoos stand as honorary badges for those who put their lives on the line in order to help those in need. Ems Firefighnter tattoos not only show one’s devotion for their job, these also serve as memorials for colleagues who died in their attempts of saving others.

EMS firefighter tattoos are often done with angel wings, which represent hope and protection. Birds are also used, with the eagle being the most popular choice as it symbolizes patriotism and the love of duty. The Maltese Cross also stands as a strong choice for EMS firefighter tattoos, as it was once used by brave knights who fought fire and saved lives. The Celtic symbols of leprechauns and shamrocks are also common elements, and these are often placed with an image of a firehouse.

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For others with this profession, they also prefer to have religious symbols incorporated in their tattoos. Such symbols are held to bring that sense of comfort and protection, which all the more brace them for their job.

If you’re gearing to show your punch for duty, you can best bet on EMS Firefighter tattoos to do the job for you.

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