Eminem tattoos are well known and Eminem fans have learned a lot about him from his songs. When Marshall Bruce Mathers was born in 1972, Kansas City, his mother was just 15 years old and his father left them. The rest of his childhood Marshal spent moving from one living place to another, what made it hard for him to make friends and study. He was attached to rap music since his early age, very soon started to rhyme words and being a teenager he accepted the name M&M for himself which later became his stage name Eminem.  His first album called „Infinite” wasn’t very successful, but later Eminem became millionaire.

Story Behind Eminem Tattoos

His hard life and rap music seems to be a logical explanation of having many tattoo designs on his body with special meanings, although there are several tattoos Eminem has made being drunk and has admitted they do not have any special meaning like a tribal bracelet on his left arm.

The most visible and original Eminem tattoos are related to people in his life. There are two tattoos he has dedicated to his ex-wife Kim Scott: he got a tattoo „Marshall + Kim” on his right upper arm to show his love. After they got divorced and Eminem promised himself not to try getting her back, an open grave with a tombstone with Kim’s name on it got inked on his stomach accompanied by words „Rot in Pieces” under it.

Meanings Of Eminem Tattooseminem tattoos

On Eminem’s upper left arm is a tattoo with words „Ronnie R.I.P” and complex picture with a huge mushroom, city building and eye of a woman. Ronnie was Eminem’s uncle who was very close to him and introduced Eminem to rap music, but he committed suicide. The tattoo is very artistically designed and it speaks about Detroit’s ghetto life. Another tattoo in the honour of a dead friend is the name „Proof” on his left arm – Proof had the name „Eminem” tattooed the same way, they were good friends, but Proof was shot in 2006.

Eminem has also two tattoos for his daughter: her name Hailie Jade was inked on his right arm when she was born and later her portrait joined on his right upper arm with words „Bonnie & Clyde” as also the song „97 Bonnie & Clyde” was dedicated to his daughter. There are some more of Eminem tattoos covering his body, but these for sure are the most significant ones telling his life story.

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