Dwayne Johnson tattoos are very special and probably the deepest and the most meaningful tattoo any celebrity has inked in his/her body nowadays.

Professional wrestler and actor known also as The Rock and The Brahma Bull – Dwayne Douglas Johnson was born in 1972, in Hayward, California. He was not the first wrestler in his family, so he spent his childhood in different places all over U.S. as his family was traveling a lot because of his father’s career in the ring. In high school Dwayne turned to playing football and got university scholarship as a great football player, but decided to become a third generation wrestler in his family, becoming not only a professional wrestler who has been awarded as  WWE World Champion 7 times, but also an  actor who has participated in such movies as „The Mummy Returns” and „The Scorpion King” and others.

Dwayne Johnson Tattoos SecretDwayne Johnson Tattoos

There are just two of Dwayne Johnson tattoos: a huge tattoo on Dwayne Johnson’s left biceps extended also to his shoulder and chest and another on his right arm. The tattoo on his right arm has not just some personal symbolic meaning, but the story of his family history – that’s a Samoan tradition, and Dwayne with Samoan heritage was traveling to Hawaii to get this tattoo which is full of symbols: coconut leaves in this tattoo are representing Samoan chef-warrior, the Sun is a talisman to bring good fortune, there is a person with opened arms symbolizing Dwayne connecting to his wife and daughter.

Meanings Behind Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

Swirls in this tattoo are representing the time – past, present and future, eyes stands for his ancestors who are looking after his way of life, but another eye called The Great Eye helps it’s user to distract the enemy. There are also other elements inked on Dwayne’s body in this tattoo symbolizing strength and guidance to enlightenment, protecting his spirit and guarding from evil spirits. There is one more tattoo on Dwayne’s right arm – that’s a head of a bull called Brahma Bull (which is also one of his nicknames) symbolizing his zodiacal Sun sign Taurus.

Dwayne Johnson tattoos are inked in a very subtle manner and his left arm tattoo can’t really be copied – it’s just so personal that would mean nothing inked on anyone else’s body.

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  1. Carol

    I think its admirable when a person remains true to their culture/heritage, especially in these modern times. Some people tattoo utter crap on their bodies. ‘The Rock’ rocks……

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