Dragon Tattoos – Popularity Of Dragon Tattoos

Depicting the valor of fire-breathing and winged creatures, dragon tattoos prove to be one of the most daring choices for body art. Upheld to be the most popular mythological beings, dragons can cross over from the world of romantic tales to the realm of epic battles.

There are two types of dragons that you can commonly encounter—the Eastern and the Western dragons. The former is the more compassionate sort, often regarded as the defender of life, and a symbol of fertility and good fortune. The latter leans more toward the evil kind, commonly depicted as plaguing over villages and safeguarding hoards of wealth. Among dragon tattoos, the Eastern dragon is a more popular choice.

Dragon Tattoos – History Behind Dragon Tattoos   Dragon Tattoos

The design of dragon tattoos frequently echoes oriental art, depicting the creature with flames of fire.  These are usually done in black outlines. However, the Japanese and Chinese dragons are known to have more intricate designs in more vibrant hues.

Apart from their majestic beauty, dragon tattoos can mean a lot of things to many people. For the men, the tattoo reflects courage, strength, and wisdom. The raw force and power of the dragon can mirror a man’s commitment to protect his loved ones. It can also signify a man’s pursuit for knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand, women go for dragon tattoos to symbolize raw strength and the creator and protector of life. These tattoos especially appeals to the mother’s persona, who gives life to her children and who goes through all extent in order to keep her brood protected and safe.

Dragon Tattoos – What You Should Know About Dragon Tattoos

With the ornate design and rich symbolisms accompanying these tattoos, you can be sure that immortalizing it on your skin daringly says a lot about who you are. Let your character and personality breathe fire and soar high with these dragon tattoos.

Dragon Tattoos