Dice Tattoos – What You Should Know About Dice Tattoos

If you like seeing how your fate unfolds with just the roll of a die, then brandishing a dice tattoo on your skin can well give you that extra oomph. Popular among gamblers and risk-takers, the irresistible appeal of a pair of dice is hard to deny.

Dice tattoos are strong reflections of your personality. For one, it can signify your inclination to indulge in risks and to leave the consequences to fate. For players, it can serve to warn of the uncertainties in gambling. This tattoo can also mirror your dependence on luck to do things in your life. Moreover, dice tattoos are good expressions of your belief that life is really just a gamble.

Dice Tattoos – Different Designs                Dice Tattoos

It’s rare to see dice tattoos that are barren of other design elements. Common icons include four leaf clovers, liquor bottles, playing cards, and horseshoes. A banner with the word “luck” is often draped around a set of dice for an obvious connotation. The dice can also be designed with your birthstone as its spots, set in flames, or rolled by the Maneki Neko. Dice tattoos also feature images of people and animals. A debonair man alongside a sexy pin-up model up in a game,a black cat with a die draped from its collar, and swallows dropping a pair of dice from their beaks are common examples.

Dice Tattoos – The Most Popular Designs

A popular design choice is the dice martini cocktail. This illustrates a long-stemmed martini glass with a clover for garnish and a pair of dice released into the liquor. You can also tip the glass against the blue-black makings of a playing card’s queen. Another dice tattoo design echoes the “three keys” motif, which altogether means love, wealth, and health. Here the die’s spots are formed into a key hole bearing the skeleton keys.

In your quest to find that perfect tattoo for your risky lifestyle, you can place your bets on dice tattoos.

Dice Tattoos