Diamond Tattoos – Story Behind Diamond Tattoos

Diamond tattoos are as elegant and as tough as the rock they commemorate. These two extreme traits make a fitting emblem for those with a rather dual personality.

Diamonds represent endurance, lavishness, and true love. When translated into a tattoo, it can pursue richer meanings that further suit your preferences. For couples, a tattoo illustrating a golden band adorned with a diamond heart at the center can stand as proof to their unwavering love and fidelity. Women can opt for diamonds infused into a bouquet of flowers to represent beauty. A diamond placed alongside other gems can embody a person’s lavish lifestyle.

Diamond Tattoos – Different styles Of Diamond Tattoos

Diamond tattoos can take on simple designs featuring the diamond in its basic outlines. On the other hand, other people prefer to feature the intricacy of a diamond’s clefts and lines, with selectively placed sparkles or vibrant colors reflecting off the surface. Diamond tattoos can even have the stone taking unique shapes. Designs involving a heart, a gold-woven diamond, and blossoming jewels of a vine are common approaches to this style.  You can also mold a shooting star made of glistening diamonds, radiate a 3D effect by superimposing two different-colored stones, or craft a diamond bracelet on your limbs.

Diamond Tattoos – Combination  With Other Symbols        Diamond Tattoos

Perhaps the most popular style for diamond tattoo design exhibits the diamond with other symbols. Thick, round stones can adorn the buds of a bouquet of flowers. The diamond placed at the center of a flower fashioned from colorful gems is also a breathtaking design. Though less popular than the flower motif, diamonds decorating crowns and tiaras are also a worthy design. This can either showcase the diamond as the best part of a rather simple crown or have the diamonds put together in ornate patterns all over the headpiece.

Whether you lead an extravagant lifestyle or simply have an admiration for these precious stones, diamond tattoos make a flashy statement about the your character.

Diamond Tattoos