Demon Tattoos – History Behind Demon Tattoos

Demon tattoos has been prominently featured in both ancient and modern world of tattoo art. Various tattoo designs and symbols were created that gave demon tattoo designs a more affluent interpretation and meaning.

Back in the old days, the word demon has nothing to do with evil or wickedness. The term demon came from a Greek word,”daimon” which means “a divinity” or “a manifestation of power”. As years passed, because of several issues on the prevalence of good and evil in our religious orientation, the word evolved into a more expanded meaning that associated it to powerful evil spirits which are now commonly known as “Demons”.

Demon Tattoos – Representation Of Demon Tattoos

Although demon tattoos have a considerable negative representation, it is one of the most favorite tattoo designs of the modern generation. Demon tattoos are often represented by dark figures that can be very roguish in appearance. Demonic figures often symbolize the darker side of life and may come out playful and teasing.

Demon tattoos are also popular among other cultures. In Asia, Japanese tradition has a different interpretation on demonic figures and entities. Irezumi is Japanese art of tattooing and has given a significant influence in the tattoo art culture. This form of tattooing utilizes woodblock printing wherein the artists chisels and penetrates through human skins to illustrate their epic Japanese literature. Irezumi is attributed to lower class citizens and used as a sign of bravery, courage and respect. On the other hand, those of the upper class society undergo this art to convey their dominance and status in the community.  Some of Japan’s favorite demon tattoos are Inuyasha, the dog – demon and the “Oni” or ogre monster which is popular among Japanese children because of its human eating reputation. The “Gargoyle” is the most common demon found in the Christian culture and a very distinctive image because of the horns on its forehead. Many believe that these images will help them protect their homes and guide them through their way of living.

Popularity Of Demon Tattoos                                                                Demon Tattoos

In the present, many individuals get their own unique design of demon tattoos to express their mischievous and naughty personality. Demon skulls are common among men and often show bewildered and angry facial expressions. Female demon tattoos fascinates many women because of its sexual and roguish trend. It gives them a more seductive look and naughty personality that boosts up their confidence and individuality.

Satanic demon tattoos maybe terrifying but it is considered to be one of the most popular demon tattoo of choice. Goat demons are associated with “unclean spirits” and are commonly known as dark and evil beings. People who choose these demon tattoos believe that it will make them invulnerable and may reflect a negative connotation on one’s personality and character.

Demon Tattoos