David Beckham tattoos are covering his body like pieces of art and being regularly completed by new ones organically connected each to other. He is the most famous football player nowadays and celebrity known not only by football fans, but outstanding also by his sense of fashion.


David Beckham was born in 1975, in England (East London). His parents were keen football fans so David was sent to learn at a football school in Manchester and later he became a Manchester United player.  He has got several FIFA World Cups, MLS Cup and has been playing in clubs in England, Spain, Italy and U.S.

History of David Beckham Tattoos

His body is covered with different tattoo designs all of them bringing some meaning and importance to the player. Victoria Beckham’s husband and a father of 3 children David Beckham has tattoos for each of them. The first tattoo he got was in 1999 – the name of his first son Brooklyn is inked on his lower back. After one year huge guardian angel tattoos got a place on his back to guard Brooklyn, but  when the second child Romeo was born his name was added on David’s upper back above the angel and the 3rd son’s name ‘Cruz’ got its place below  the feet of the angel. So that’s not an angel to guard himself – that’s an angel to guard his children. Later one more protective tattoo was added on the back of his neck – the cross with wings.

His wife Victoria also has got several signs on his body. Firstly, he decided to ink the name ‘Victoria’ on his left hand, but he didn’t want this word to be too confusing for other so he chose to ink it in Hindi. Unfortunately, it is misspelled in Hindi, so it actually is written as ‘Vihcktoria’. Below her name is a phrase in Latin “Ut Amem Et Foveam” meaning “So that I love and cherish”. The picture of his wife is also inked on David’s left arm together with „Forever By Your Side”.

David Beckham Tattoos

Meanings Behind David Beckham Tattoos

David Beckham has also some tattoos written in Hebrew because his grandfather was Jewish and after the death of his grandfather David got a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his ribs. Another Jesus tattoo together with cherubs is on his left upper chest and several other phrases in different scripts and other significant tattoos are decorating his body.

David Beckham tattoos are actually a very good example of choosing tattoos smartly and with personal meaning although he haven’t been saved from some tattoo mistakes, such as in case of his wife’s name.

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